Saïf-Nimcha de Zanzibar (alors dépendance du Yémen) monté avec une lame de Solingen.

La poignée en corne est de type arabe et la garde presente une protection en anneau contre les coups glissant sur le plat.

By courtesy of Artzi & Avner Yarom - Oriental Arms

This very unusual and interesting Arab sword is coming from Yemen and it is believed to be produced in the island of Zanzibar in the 19th C. The single edge blade is almost 32 inches long and multifullered, made by Wilhelm Clauberg &Cie. of Solingen Germany, and marked with a image of a knight with full armor and a sword. These blades were made by Clauberg in 1875 or so, and were also traded in Africa and the Middle East. The grip is cut and beautifully shaped from a solid dark horn set with silver studs and silver band, and with a steel collar. The special design of the hilt is typical to swords produced in Zanzibar, and has a big steel ring forged in one piece with the cross guard and the “D” guard which are chiseled and filed in geometric design. Total length is almost 38 inches.

Autre exemple de poignée de Nimcha fabriquée à Zanzibar:
  • poignée avec un pommeau à pointe simulant une oreille et incliné comme celui des Saïf - Nimcha arabes
  • arc de jointure (garde de main) en S
  • anneau de défense contre les coups glissant sur le plat de la lame.