Péninsule arabe : Saïf début XIX° NIMCHA
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Avec sa garde traditionnelle de Saïf (proche des Tulwar indiens: en croix et écusson à pointes décollées de la lame), la poignée s'apparente à celle des Nimcha (logement de l'auriculaire, ...), mais avec un pommeau très incliné.
Début XIX°

Longueur totale: 89 cm. dont lame: 71 cm.

By courtesy of Artzi & Avner Yarom - Oriental-Arms.

"The word Saif in Arabic is a general name for a curved sword.However, in many cases, owners and collectors refers by Saif to a specific shape of a sword like the one shown here. These swords are characterized by a relatively short and wide blade, down curving silver handle and silver fitted scabbard. The hilt has a very distinct shape, probably a development from the Nimcha sword handle or the other way around. Various blades were employed, ranging from Persian trade to European military blades. These swords are common in the Arabian Peninsula, more in its southern areas. ..."